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Ficheiros no projecto vs Título Rip crc32 crc .ext vídeo audio subs Duração Tamanho ed DD obs
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_01_HDTV Red Night HDTV-Rip 92e79e34 25m:30s 257.17 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_02_HDTV Red Night HDTV-Rip 0ef244b4 25m:30s 257.17 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_03_HDTV The Girl in the Crystal HDTV-Rip 0a7e54ee 25m:30s 257.15 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_04_HDTV Lonely Pride HDTV-Rip 71a40165 25m:30s 256.39 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_05_HDTV A Smiling Mask HDTV-Rip 75dae003 25m:30s 257.05 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_06_HDTV For Friends and Tomorrow HDTV-Rip 449c3782 25m:30s 257.38 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_07_HDTV Disturbed Minds HDTV-Rip 483cf88d 25m:30s 257.22 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_08_HDTV Twisted Awakening HDTV-Rip 813b2edb 25m:30s 257.14 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_09_HDTV The Witching Hour HDTV-Rip 86bdf674 25m:30s 257.21 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_10_HDTV The Witching Hour HDTV-Rip 302043a5 25m:30s 257.21 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_11_HDTV Broken Bonds HDTV-Rip 2de03476 25m:30s 257.15 MB
[PA_Hinata_Sou]_11eyes_12_FIM_HDTV The Witch Awakens HDTV-Rip 490bcb27 25m:30s 257.27 MB