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Ficheiros no projecto vs TŪtulo Rip crc32 crc .ext vŪdeo audio subs DuraÁ„o Tamanho ed DD obs
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_01_[AD49F56D] Flight Night DTV-Rip ad49f56d 25m:00s 177.61 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_02_[7DD312DE] Witch Hunt DTV-Rip 7dd312de 25m:00s 174.21 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_03_[48D8EA95] The Star of Sorrow I. City of Blood DTV-Rip 48d8ea95 25m:00s 173.47 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_04_[54629D04] The Star of Sorrow II. Hunter`s Banquet DTV-Rip 54629d04 25m:00s 174.10 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_05_[9322069F] Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow DTV-Rip 9322069f 25m:00s 172.50 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_06_[827041A2] Sword Dancer DTV-Rip 827041a2 25m:00s 174.94 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_07_[20BE3129] Never Land DTV-Rip 20be3129 25m:00s 175.89 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_08_[0C297F5A] Silent Noise DTV-Rip 0c297f5a 25m:00s 175.48 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_09v2_[13F61749] Overcount I. The Belfry of Downfall DTV-Rip 13f61749 25m:00s 175.50 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_10v2_[083BDBC7] Overcount II. Lucifer`s Choice DTV-Rip 083bdbc7 25m:00s 175.71 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_11_[9121E50A] From the Empire DTV-Rip 9121e50a 25m:00s 175.16 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_12_[37BCE919] The Ibelis I. Evening Visitors DTV-Rip 37bce919 25m:00s 175.68 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_13_[078899FC] The Ibelis II. Betrayal Blaze DTV-Rip 078899fc 25m:00s 175.31 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_14_[3BFAFBBA] The Ibelis III. A Mark of Sinner DTV-Rip 3bfafbba 25m:00s 175.83 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_15_[50B8E795] The Night Lords I. The Return of the Envoy DTV-Rip 50b8e795 25m:00s 175.86 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_16_[52F548B3] The Night Lords II. Twilight of the Capital DTV-Rip 52f548b3 25m:00s 175.72 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_17_[4BEC4460] The Night Lords III. The Island of Her Darling Children DTV-Rip 4bec4460 25m:00s 175.73 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_18_[5A74DC15] The Night Lords IV. The Palace of Jade DTV-Rip 5a74dc15 25m:00s 175.72 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_19_[5EBF549F] The Night Lords V. A Start of Pilgrimage DTV-Rip 5ebf549f 25m:00s 175.72 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_20_[945FF634] The Throne of Roses I. Kingdom of the North DTV-Rip 945ff634 25m:00s 175.74 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_21_[8D4FF466] The Throne of Roses II. The Refuge DTV-Rip 8d4ff466 25m:00s 175.72 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_22_[F851644B] The Throne of Roses III. Lord of Abyss DTV-Rip f851644b 25m:00s 175.72 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_23_[29305ABE] The Crown of Thorns I. City in the Mist DTV-Rip 29305abe 25m:00s 176.03 MB
[RevA_&_O-E]_Trinity_Blood_-_24_END_[63CE606D] The Crown of Thorns II. The Lord of Oath DTV-Rip 63ce606d 25m:00s 176.04 MB