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Ficheiros no projecto vs Título Rip crc32 crc .ext vídeo audio subs Duração Tamanho ed DD obs
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 01 [2691B413] I Found Something Important HDTV-Rip 2691b413 25m:00s 337.30 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 02 [799C1693] The Secret Ingredient Is the Scent of Gunpowder HDTV-Rip 14bce1e2 25m:00s 328.16 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 03 [A85BC525] Crash! Battle Trike HDTV-Rip deba659a 25m:00s 416.66 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 04 [48935E1F] It`s a Race! Once Around the Park HDTV-Rip 48935e1f 25m:00s 377.26 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 05 [33649C3F] Beach Swimsuit Armor HDTV-Rip 33649c3f 25m:00s 324.94 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 06 [74F7F268] Attention, Please! Our Plane Is Bound to Hell! HDTV-Rip 74f7f268 25m:00s 293.19 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 07 [2AA54DA4] The Visitor Comes with the Sound of Rain HDTV-Rip 2aa54da4 25m:00s 273.20 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 08 [3F2A7D86] Someday, Somewhere HDTV-Rip 3f2a7d86 25m:00s 295.84 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 09 [EF7DA663] Lene`s Underground Wars of the Empire HDTV-Rip ef7da663 25m:00s 308.50 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 10 [B75FC2DC] A Christmas Song for You HDTV-Rip b75fc2dc 25m:00s 378.11 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 11 [A796CA2E] We`ll Settle It Tonight! Who Is the Strongest Shinki!. HDTV-Rip a796ca2e 25m:00s 291.25 MB
[AkumaGT-Hakai] Busou Shinki - 12 [6EAC8222] Don`t Say Goodbye HDTV-Rip 6eac8222 25m:00s 316.31 MB