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Ficheiros no projecto vs Título Rip crc32 crc .ext vídeo audio subs Duração Tamanho ed DD obs
[NinjA]Shuffle_01[a73bb4c2] The Man Who Could Become a God or a Demon! DVD-Rip.Recode a73bb4c2 24m:15s 174.89 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_02[490400d5] I Wanted to See You! DVD-Rip.Recode 490400d5 24m:15s 178.25 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_03[ca177a02] Do You Remember? DVD-Rip.Recode ca177a02 24m:15s 177.78 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_04[a9c89f83] Egg Omelet of Happiness DVD-Rip.Recode a9c89f83 24m:15s 178.13 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_05[816a231c] Where I Belong DVD-Rip.Recode 816a231c 24m:15s 176.58 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_06[c3833229] Smile! DVD-Rip.Recode c3833229 24m:15s 178.19 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_07[f84daa37] Romantic Scramble DVD-Rip.Recode f84daa37 24m:15s 176.66 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_08[17ba846a] Panty Date DVD-Rip.Recode 17ba846a 24m:15s 179.79 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_09[127dd15e] Survival Swimming at the Beach DVD-Rip.Recode 127dd15e 24m:15s 175.77 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_10[5f9b26fd] Moonlit Confession DVD-Rip.Recode 5f9b26fd 24m:15s 177.34 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_11[c76aa833] Girls of Summer DVD-Rip.Recode c76aa833 24m:15s 175.79 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_12[f694cb0b] Frozen Summer DVD-Rip.Recode f694cb0b 24m:15s 174.39 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_13[c07bd059] House of Twilight DVD-Rip.Recode c07bd059 24m:15s 187.37 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_14 Lycoris DVD-Rip.Recode e270b337 24m:15s 183.68 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_15 What Was Regained DVD-Rip.Recode deb0aff3 24m:15s 175.64 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_16 Kikyou DVD-Rip.Recode 96f7b17d 24m:15s 180.33 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_17 Honest Feelings DVD-Rip.Recode 43da1ddc 24m:15s 176.00 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_18 The One Rin Loves DVD-Rip.Recode 5fd45e98 24m:15s 175.70 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_19 Unforgettable Sentiments DVD-Rip.Recode 2672ab24 24m:15s 175.70 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_20 Indelible Sin DVD-Rip.Recode 0d85f414 24m:15s 176.69 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_21 Where Feelings Go DVD-Rip.Recode 3506eb44 24m:15s 175.73 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_22 Towards a New Tomorrow DVD-Rip.Recode 6e125e11 24m:15s 177.17 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_23 The Truth Revealed DVD-Rip.Recode 8184998d 24m:15s 175.65 MB
[NinjA]Shuffle_24 And... What Is Important DVD-Rip.Recode 7d7faf48 24m:15s 177.32 MB