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Ficheiros no projecto vs Título Rip crc32 crc .ext vídeo audio subs Duração Tamanho ed DD obs
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_01_[1E966865] The Black Lagoon DTV-Rip 1e966865 25m:00s 175.79 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_02_[81CCFEDE] Mangrove Heaven DTV-Rip 81ccfede 25m:00s 173.14 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_03_[EFCD83F7] Ring DTV-Rip efcd83f7 25m:00s 173.40 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_04_[CE3DB2DB] Die Ruckkehr des Adlers DTV-Rip ce3db2db 25m:00s 174.74 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_05_[748A7B31] Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles DTV-Rip 748a7b31 25m:00s 173.20 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_06_[20187D4A] Moonlit Hunting Grounds DTV-Rip 20187d4a 25m:00s 173.46 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_07_[450CC5AD] Calm Down, Two Men DTV-Rip 450cc5ad 25m:00s 173.19 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_08_[26EA2DB5] Rasta Blasta DTV-Rip 26ea2db5 25m:00s 174.44 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_09_[CF9EF6CF] Maid to Kill DTV-Rip cf9ef6cf 25m:00s 174.30 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_10_[B5F9C165] The Unstoppable Chambermaid DTV-Rip b5f9c165 25m:00s 172.73 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_11_[3DD4B5AB] Lock`n Load Revolution DTV-Rip 3dd4b5ab 25m:00s 172.44 MB
[NinjA]_Black_Lagoon_12_FINAL_[5E99C5ED] Guerrillas in the Jungle DTV-Rip 5e99c5ed 25m:00s 175.63 MB