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Ficheiros no projecto vs Título Rip crc32 crc .ext vídeo audio subs Duração Tamanho ed DD obs
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_01_[720p][2C75A200] I Picked Up a Prince BD-Rip 2c75a200 22m:30s 400.64 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_02_[720p][48E10E48] Melancholy Monday BD-Rip 48e10e48 22m:30s 400.98 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_03_[720p][F71DC3A7] On the Night of the Late Show BD-Rip f71dc3a7 22m:30s 400.92 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_04_[720p][10B10E5F] Real Reality, Fabricated Reality BD-Rip 10b10e5f 22m:30s 400.17 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_05_[720p][A8AA0153] This Is No Time to Be Thinking About That... BD-Rip a8aa0153 22m:30s 400.28 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_06_[720p][9E886B21] Eden of the East BD-Rip 9e886b21 22m:30s 400.24 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_07_[720p][9A70F390] Flight of the Black Swan BD-Rip 9a70f390 22m:30s 400.22 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_08_[720p][7E8E5F3B] Searching for the Path Already Lost BD-Rip 7e8e5f3b 22m:30s 400.98 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_09_[720p][2E7EE974] A Man Too Ephemeral BD-Rip 2e7ee974 22m:30s 400.53 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_10_[720p][F870A2CE] Who Killed Akira Takizawa. BD-Rip f870a2ce 22m:30s 400.33 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_11_[720p][462AAE6A] The East That Continues On BD-Rip 462aae6a 22m:30s 400.26 MB
[RevA]_Higashi_no_Eden_-_S1_[720p][A50AE522] Music Video DVD-Rip a50ae522 5m:00s 125.29 MB Upscaled 720p