Zephirus Work's

TAG: [ZephW]

Nome: Zephirus Work's

1º Lançamento: 2009-02-13

Estado: Extinta

Url: https://anidb.net/g7090


This is a one-man group, made by Zephirus, aka Zeph or Zephie, a portuguese fansubber (translator, timer and raw hunter, he sucks on everything else), who decided for some reason make some projects alone...

Note: I use HD releases with (already) karaoke's and typesetting not because I can't find a clean version but mostly because i am a fag in karaoke and type, I also can use r2j dvd sometimes, but i will not guarantee a karaoke.

Projectos: 1

Tipo Anime Rip AR Episódios Estado Ficheiros
Toki o Kakeru Shoujo 
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
HD.720p [x] 1/1 1 / 1.62GB