Fansub: [NinjA] Ninjitsu-Anime

Detalhes do Anime: Saber Marionette J

Projecto: [720x420]

Eps lançados: 25  de: 25

Estado: Concluído

Ficheiros no projecto vs Título Rip crc32 crc .ext vídeo audio subs Duração Tamanho ed DD obs
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_01v2_[619cd38e] Enter Lime!. The Planet of Men DVD-Rip.Recode 619cd38e 25m:00s 192.63 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_02v2_[23312fe3] Marionette Girl. The Trouble Maker! DVD-Rip.Recode 23312fe3 25m:00s 191.69 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_03v2_[02bf6bf8] Big Trouble in Castle Japoness DVD-Rip.Recode 02bf6bf8 25m:00s 193.82 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_04v2_[332e62e6] Cherry Panic, Great Romance Scheme!! DVD-Rip.Recode 332e62e6 25m:00s 190.96 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_05v2_[942af3bd] Fausts Challenge!! DVD-Rip.Recode 942af3bd 25m:00s 195.10 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_06_[875b02af] Passionate Unwelcoming! Flying Love Attack! DVD-Rip.Recode 875b02af 25m:00s 190.16 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_07_[cca16484] Getting Rich Quick is a Sour Joy DVD-Rip.Recode cca16484 25m:00s 191.06 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_08_[e28df0c6] Love Prophecy Battle Royal!! DVD-Rip.Recode e28df0c6 25m:00s 190.06 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_09_[96753807] If We All Go To Gartlant Together, It Won`t be so Scary! DVD-Rip.Recode 96753807 25m:00s 190.06 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_10_[db1e66a0] Infiltration of the Dark Empire DVD-Rip.Recode db1e66a0 25m:00s 194.98 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_11_[97904394] Maiden Circuits Win the Day!. DVD-Rip.Recode 97904394 25m:00s 191.73 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_12_[3eccf9cc] My First Kiss Tasted Like Plasma!. DVD-Rip.Recode 3eccf9cc 25m:00s 194.33 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_13_[c9d4f842] Otaru`s Big Debut!! Time for You to Shine!! DVD-Rip.Recode c9d4f842 25m:00s 191.75 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_14_[0a7e0ce4] Welcome the New Year! The Otaru Cup Marionette Contest DVD-Rip.Recode 0a7e0ce4 25m:00s 193.00 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_15_[f23d32b9] Revival of Female!. The Mystery of Lorelei DVD-Rip.Recode f23d32b9 25m:00s 192.63 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_16_[03c610a0] What`s a Living Thing. DVD-Rip.Recode 03c610a0 25m:00s 191.69 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_17_[25a8aab7] Gentleness, Heartbreak, and Femininity DVD-Rip.Recode 25a8aab7 25m:00s 193.82 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_18_[002c1e6f] Castle Transforms!! Rise Japonessguar!! DVD-Rip.Recode 002c1e6f 25m:00s 190.96 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_19_[0fc00b6b] Tiger. To The End of Love and Beyond !! DVD-Rip.Recode 0fc00b6b 25m:00s 195.10 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_20_[fbc48bd2] Feelings Will not Die, Though the Heart is Far Away DVD-Rip.Recode fbc48bd2 25m:00s 190.16 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_21_[066b08e7] The Big Barbecue Party of Light and Darkness DVD-Rip.Recode 066b08e7 25m:00s 191.06 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_22_[75b81f48] Soaring Emotion DVD-Rip.Recode 75b81f48 25m:00s 190.06 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_23_[f3e2d729] Faust, Warped Sincerity DVD-Rip.Recode f3e2d729 25m:00s 190.06 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_24_[96203373] The Maidens Voyage DVD-Rip.Recode 96203373 25m:00s 194.98 MB
[NinjA]Saber_Marionette_J_25_[f480b7ab] You will Always Be There DVD-Rip.Recode f480b7ab 25m:00s 191.73 MB