Fansub: [Silver_zero_Subs] Silver Zero Subs

Detalhes do Anime: Akage no Anne

Projecto: [640x480]

Eps lançados: 38  de: 50

Estado: Em andamento

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[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_01 [1F35767F] Matthew Cuthbert is Surprised DVD-Rip 1f35767f 25m:00s 345.56 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_02 [F272B781] Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised DVD-Rip f272b781 25m:00s 320.15 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_03 [CE74EA0B] Morning at Green Gables DVD-Rip ce74ea0b 25m:00s 345.41 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_04 [CC2BACA4] Anne`s History DVD-Rip cc2baca4 25m:00s 345.05 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_05 [FE41FC48] Marilla makes up her mind DVD-Rip fe41fc48 25m:00s 301.79 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_06 [745C0DE4] Anne of Green Gables DVD-Rip 745c0de4 25m:00s 345.33 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_07 [7CD6EC80] Mrs. Rachel Lynde is Properly Horrified DVD-Rip 7cd6ec80 25m:00s 297.68 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_08 [D700D80A] Anne`s impressions of Sunday School DVD-Rip d700d80a 25m:00s 346.09 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_09 [688D7FDC] A Solemn Vow DVD-Rip 688d7fdc 25m:00s 345.76 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_10 [62F98335] Anne Plays With a Best Friend DVD-Rip 62f98335 25m:00s 345.13 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_11 [F5A4211E] Anne Loses the Amethyst Brooch DVD-Rip f5a4211e 25m:00s 332.08 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_12 [A0E4A1C8] Anne`s Confession DVD-Rip a0e4a1c8 25m:00s 345.58 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_13 [851C0936] Anne Goes to School DVD-Rip 851c0936 25m:00s 345.46 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_14 [FC89D467] A Tempest in Class DVD-Rip fc89d467 25m:00s 328.96 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_15 [AF50E614] Fall is coming DVD-Rip af50e614 25m:00s 347.49 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_16 [40F6124D] Diana is Invited to Tea DVD-Rip 40f6124d 25m:00s 324.02 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_17 [CA55E2FB] Anne Returns to School DVD-Rip ca55e2fb 25m:00s 332.65 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_18 [03A4C85D] Anne Rescues Minnie May DVD-Rip 03a4c85d 25m:00s 300.76 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_19 [462A23CF] Diana`s Birthday DVD-Rip 462a23cf 25m:00s 312.12 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_20 [F24A8BB3] Spring Once Again DVD-Rip f24a8bb3 25m:00s 349.01 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_21 [DD0B6905] The New Minister`s Wife DVD-Rip dd0b6905 25m:00s 345.36 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_22 [D7A4727A] The Wrong Ingredient DVD-Rip d7a4727a 25m:00s 345.52 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_23 [6206E340] Ann is Invited to Tea DVD-Rip 6206e340 25m:00s 345.55 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_24 [0B1367E5] An Affair of Honour DVD-Rip 0b1367e5 25m:00s 326.80 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_25 [77987EB4] A letter to Diana DVD-Rip 77987eb4 25m:00s 345.44 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_26 [E8B0FB4E] The Concert Plan DVD-Rip e8b0fb4e 25m:00s 334.57 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_27 [BE44BEE1] Matthew and the Clothes Shop DVD-Rip be44bee1 25m:00s 283.45 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_28 [A7AE3618] The Christmas Concert DVD-Rip a7ae3618 25m:00s 299.13 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_29 [F47077B8] Anne Starts the Story DVD-Rip f47077b8 25m:00s 339.49 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_30 [59F20228] Vanity and Vexation of Spirit DVD-Rip 59f20228 25m:00s 261.32 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_31 [867EB040] An Unfortunate Lily Maid DVD-Rip 867eb040 25m:00s 298.06 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_32 [D67D1015] An Epoch in Anne`s Life DVD-Rip d67d1015 25m:00s 299.49 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_33 [55D1A67D] An Invitation to Queen`s Class DVD-Rip 55d1a67d 25m:00s 245.32 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_34 [97C6FF07] Diana and Students at Queens DVD-Rip 97c6ff07 25m:00s 340.37 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_35 [71A6773B] Longing for the Summer Holidays DVD-Rip 71a6773b 25m:00s 288.07 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_36 [58011CD0] The Future of the Story Club DVD-Rip 58011cd0 25m:00s 287.19 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_37 [BF1B3D63] A 15-year-old`s Spring DVD-Rip 25m:00s 657.11 MB
[Silver_zero_Subs]Akage_no_Anne_38 [AE2051B6] DVD-Rip 25m:00s 661.45 MB